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2022 Annual Enrollment SE Active Employees

2022 Annual Enrollment Guide and Summary of Changes for SE Active Employees

Per our discussion, attached is the 2022 AE enrollment guide for the Southeast.  On September 24th, an HR newsletter was sent electronically to AT&T employees to announce 2022 Annual Enrollment updates.

Annual Enrollment takes place October 18th through November 12th.  Various communications will be sent to employees, before, during and after enrollment, highlighting changes to benefits beginning January 1, 2022.  The following are some features of the benefit plans that will change:

 Ø  CarePlus – Contribution Holiday Ending

CarePlus is a supplemental benefit program designed to cover specific treatments, certain experimental services and other expanded services that are generally not covered under the AT&T Medical Program.

The CarePlus contribution “holiday” is ending. That means, if employees would like to keep their CarePlus coverage, they will need to re-enroll during annual enrollment and pay a small monthly contribution (shown below) beginning in January. 

                    2022 CarePlus Contributions


                       Employee Only: $1 per month

                                 Family: $3 per month


To learn more about CarePlus benefit offerings, please visit, or call 1-877-261-3340.

Ø  Grand Rounds Health – Your Personal Healthcare Team

Beginning January 1, 2022, Grand Rounds Health will offer additional healthcare resources that provides a personal team of experts dedicated to help members and their eligible dependents navigate their healthcare – at no cost to the member. Grand Rounds Health doctors, nurses, care coordinators and billing specialists will be able to assist members with finding in-network doctors and facilities, booking appointments, resolving medical bills, connecting members to clinicians about health conditions and treatment options, provide referrals to other AT&T benefits or programs and much more.

To learn more about Grand Rounds Health download the app and register or call 1-800-374-1009.

Ø  Ancillary Benefits Program

Beginning in 2022, the group accident insurance, critical illness insurance and legal services that were previously offered through Aflac and ARAG will no longer be available via the AT&T Benefits Center/Mercer Personal Plans. Instead, AT&T will be offering these coverages, along with Hospital Indemnity Insurance, under a new Ancillary Benefits Program with after-tax payroll deductions administered by MetLife.  More information will be available about these new programs and employees will be able to make their elections during Annual Enrollment 2022.

 Important Things for Employees to Know

  • Participating employees who wish to remain with Aflac or ARAG do have the ability to do so but will need to enroll directly with their respective carrier on their own. 
  • Although participating employees can remain with Aflac or ARAG, AT&T will not be administering payroll deductions for them.  If an employee wishes to continue after-tax payroll deductions in 2022, they will need to enroll in the new MetLife offering during Annual Enrollment.
  • All other voluntary benefits will remain status quo. Employees who participate in pet insurance, auto-home insurance and identity theft protection can continue to participate via payroll deductions facilitated by Mercer.

Employees will receive additional information in the coming weeks, before, during and after Annual Enrollment 2022.

Ø  Supplemental Life Insurance Opportunity

During Annual Enrollment 2022, AT&T is offering an easier way to purchase additional supplemental life insurance. Employees already enrolled in supplemental life insurance can elect to increase their current coverage by 1x annual pay (as defined in the Summary Plan Description) without having to answer any health questions. If the participant would like to enroll in a higher coverage amount or enroll in supplemental life insurance for the first time, they can apply for coverage by answering five health questions. Applications are subject to review and approval by MetLife.

Ø  Dependent Re-verification

All active employees with in-scope dependents (as defined below) will be required to go through Dependent Reverification at the end of Annual Enrollment. Within 4 weeks of the end of Annual Enrollment, these employees will receive information on how to reverify their applicable dependent(s). If this process is not completed and their dependent’s eligibility is not reestablished through this Dependent Reverification process, their dependent(s) will no longer be covered by their AT&T benefits in 2022.

In-Scope Dependents:

All applicable dependents of active employees that are currently enrolled in Medical and that were verified in 2018 or earlier and still enrolled in Medical for the 2022 plan year will need to go through reverification.

  • Included Relationship Types- Spouse, Same Sex LRP/DP, Opposite Sex LRP/DP, Child of Legal Guardian, Stepchild, Child of Same Sex LRP, Child of Opposite Sex LRP/DP


  • Excluded Relationship Types- Child dependents that are either biological or adopted.