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Communications Workers of America
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CWA is the bargaining representative for:
--AT&T -- AT&T Mobility -- Avaya -- AT&T Advertising & Publishing
--AT&T Utility Operations -- Printing, Publishing and Media Workers
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Tuesday, April 12, 2015
7:30 pm
4915 Waters Edge Drive, Suite 295

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Many AT&T new hires have not yet received a copy of the Working Agreement. The document is available online by clicking one of the links below.
(The U-Verse section begins on page 323.)
AT&T SE Fourth Quarter 2015 Seniority Tie Breaker List for
North Carolina
(List is sorted by Exchange, Title & Seniority Date)
In Memoriam
P. R. Latta
ATT SE Surplus Declaration for First Quarter 2016
2015 BST SE Contract Link:
Local 3611 Contract Mobilization
Workshop, June 26, 2015
Local 3611 Contract Mobilization
Workshop, June 27, 2015
3611 Informational Picket, July 31, 2015
More than 75 members of Local 3611 held an informational picket on S. Saunders Street near the Hubert St. Workcenter in Raleigh on Friday, Aug. 7.
3611 Informational Picket, Aug. 7, 2015
Wire Tech Josh Forrest lost everything in a house fire on March 24. Fortunately, he, his girlfriend, and their 3 year old son were not injured. Josh, who reports to Westgate Work Center, could use a little help. A "Go Fund Me" page has been set up where contributions can be made.

CWA Local 3611 lost a long time member, supporter and friend when Gary Cappy died August 29. He and his wife, Miriam Melendez have run Grass Roots Press, a Union print shop here in Raleigh, and have done much of the printing for the Local over the years, including the monthly newsletter. Gary spent his life devoted to social justice activities. He worked with the UFW on the grape boycott in Pittsburgh and later moved to Bakersfield, CA to work with Cesar Chavez. It was there that he learned the printing trade. He met his wife, Miriam, in New York while working in a print shop for NYPIRG. They opened Grass Roots Press in Raleigh in 1988. As his obituary in the News and Observer says, "Gary always felt he could support the underdog through his printing. He was also a proud union member of CWA Local 3611."
He will truly be missed by his brothers and sister at Local 3611.

In Memoriam
Gary Cappy
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